Help ?!?! ARNG?

I am in the ARNG and have a back injury that makes me not medically ready . I have had to move beyond circumstances beyond my control . I am trying to transfer units to my new place of residence but I know medical readiness is a requirement, does anyone know what I can do since my injury is ongoing ? 


I got my injury in basic training . It is definitely service related. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Without more details, it is hard to know how long your issues may last. 

    If you are not able to function in your MOS, with all the physical requirements, because of your non-service related medical issue, then you need to let your chain of command know about it. You can tell them what you are doing about it, how long it will last etc.  so they can profile you, discharge you, other some other action.  Your responsibility is important, as you should not be asked to do anything that might make your condition worse, or last longer. This would not be honest then, to expect the services/VA to care for your symptoms.

    You may claim it is service related, nut you need full documentation as well as a determination it was in the line of duty.

    The medical folks should be the ones who decide you are unable to perform your duties, that is not up to you to decide. They may provide a temporary profile to restrict some physical tasks.

    Are you sure that you have not decided you  cannot serve because of changes in circumstance, and not because of your "injury"?  That would be suspicious, as so many are looking for a disability (welfare) check from the VA.  I suspect you may have never finished basic training, or AIT.

    Source(s): Retired Army Medical Officer
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