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Is $60k invested good at 19?

I turn 20 in 3 months and have about $60k invested mostly in VOO & a couple other funds, i managed to save this much from living with my mom and working at amazon, I made $40k last year off the job. At this rate is it even worth it to go back to school? Because i seen average bachelor grads make like $50k-60k a year and eventually ill have so much in the stock market I will be out earning that and paying less on taxes.


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  • Stoo
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    When you start paying your own bills, you'll find that $50k a year doesn't get you all that far.  And $50K in the market doesn't pay the bills - you have to liquidate it to pay rent and car payments and food and utility bills and whatever else.  You can sell all that and live a comfortable middle class life for a year.  That's it. So you have to prepare for a future 40-50 years of earning.  And working at Amazon gets you to 40k at best a year forever. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its about $59,800 more than I had at that age.

  • 1 month ago

    Amazon has a reputation as a high turnover employer if you go ask a bunch of people who have worked in their fulfillment centres The stock market doesn't provide a steady source of income unless you have a huge pile of cash in dividend paying stocks. 

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