Why don't we see those poverty stricken Appalachian folks that were promised the same relief as city folks rioting and committing murders?

for their lot in life?

The Great Society Program.

To proud to beg and we are looked down as "racist rednecks"?


where are the riots in Appalachian cities?

Update 2:

Do Appalachian folks have privilege?

Not talking 'bout a stimulus check just life struggles in general.

Don't make it a philosophical question.

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    1 month ago
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    "We" are looked down as "racist rednecks"?  If I am included in "we," you are incorrect.  If you are talking about stimulus checks, all taxpayers got the same amount.  If not, what are you are talking about that is only given to "city folks" who riot and commit murders.  You don't think the rednecks of the Appalachians commit murder, that murder is only a "city folks" thing?

    EDIT:  This is a philosophical question.  Expect a philosophical answer.  Here is info on riots in Appalachia.  https://www.yesmagazine.org/democracy/2019/09/26/r...

    "Not talking 'bout"?  Spare me the redneck language.

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