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If I’m pregnant how to get help having an abortion? ?

I know I made a mistake not telling him to put a condom on. I haven’t had my period since November and I had sex dec 27. There is no way I could have been pregnant already bc that was my first time. I also never have regular period they usually skip months and are never consistent. My only concern is I still haven’t gotten my period and it’s January 26. I’m not feeling any symptoms of pregnancy that I know of. I just ordered a few tests on amazon and they’re coming the first of the month. If they are positive what should I do. I would like to keep family out of this. I don’t want to ask for help or money from them. 

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    Go to see your GYN.  And let him/ her know that you would like an abortion.  If they won’t do it fro you they can refer someone who can.  The morning after pill is also something you could’ve considered

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    Go to Planned Parenthood. The reason they exist is to help people like you. Of course you can get pregnant the first time!

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    if you have money for a doctor and for the can keep family out of this. if not.. they will need to know.  go see your doctor

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    Theres no point in wasting time about it.

    If you are not in a good position for motherhood yet & it sounds like you are not, then look up the  planned parenthood office in your town ,make an appointment & let the professionals there advise you.

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