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Help , my boyfriend  has pinworm and did not tell me?

My boyfriend and I were having sex when something fell onto my stomach.It was wiggling,  white and small. I was disgusted. he confessed that he got pinworm from his dog and told me that he isnt nasty because they're extremely common.I looked it up and it says animals cantget pinworm so he lied to me. I  feel so sick, how could have havegotten worms? Do I have them now?

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    You are right you don’t get pin worms from dogs. But pin worms are common and easily treated. However it may be not pin worms so best to be seen

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    Yes dogs definitely can get worms they sell the medicine for dog and cat worms all the time in the pet store they can get hookworms they can get pinworms. And people can catch them too

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