A player I'd love to see at this minute in our team is ?

He plays for Palace and use to play for some other rubbish team but who cares,  his name is Wilfred Zaha.  The flair, the quick feet, the strength, the pace, the awareness in and around the box his livlieness to get involved in quick one two builds up...hes awesome, would be great at lfc.

now imagine the fire power we'd have,  5 strikers bobby, mo, mane, jota, zaha!

tell me with that attack how we'd not find ways to outscore teams or breach their low blocks..

instead of looking out of the prem for yet another foward player,  maybe we should find out how much palace would want for him ?

question to epl regs - how much do you estimate Wilfred Zaha's price to be in world football right now ?

£25m - £35m ?

£36m - £45m ?

£46m - £60m ?

more than £60m ?

would we be mad to spend £60m on a forward ?

2 Answers

  • Adam
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The only reason you'd buy him is to fit the home grown quota. There's a reason he's still at Palace and none of the other big sides have touched him. For Liverpool with the fire power you have currently, you have a golden chance to buy someone young and promising and give them the time to adapt to England and the English game without the pressure of having to deliver week in week out. I see the flack Havertz is getting at Chelsea. He's a promising forward who is struggling to adapt. As an example, say Liverpool had signed him in the Summer instead of Chelsea. He's learning from one of the best forward lines in world football. He wouldn't be playing every week. He's got the time to adapt without the pressure. In 18 months - 2 years time, you have a replacement ready to step in whose used to Klopp and ready to go.

    Basically for the money it will cost to buy Zaha, why not spend it on a Jaden Sancho or someone like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    25 million but today's prices are I flared.

    Not worth 60.

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