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Will walking my cat outside give them infections?? ?


Didn't vaccinate

Update 2:

Can my cat get an infection from licking it's paw?? 

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  • Shay
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    If you are with your cat - YOU are in control of what they come in contact with.  

    Animals get infections from coming into contact with other animals, from eating something that they shouldn't, or from getting injured.  If you are with your cat, none of these things will happen because you would be able to remove your cat from the harm before the cat is exposed.  

    BTW - I have a cat that we take outside in the summertime.  She is always on a leash and never out of our sight.  In the last eight years of doing this, she has never become sick.  We also do not vaccinate our cats because they are inside cats and at very low risk of coming into contact with anything that a vaccine would help.  

    So - no - your cat won't get an infection just from going outside IF you are controlling what the cat comes in contact with.  If you let your cat roam - out of your sight - then the cat could catch almost anything.  

  • Rita
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    Outdoor cats, whether leashed or wandering freely, are at greater risk for infections and other problems associated with bugs and parasites. (Note that indoor cats aren't completely immune from fleas, mosquitoes, and worms… but they do have less risk.)

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     We've had cats for over 35 years and the only time one got an infection outdoors is when it it scraped itself on a nail or a bolt and the dog licked it.

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    At the point when a feline is excessively certain and regional, they will in general get into quarrels with different creatures — particularly in the event that they are not fixed or fixed. This can prompt battles, which may cause genuine cuts, chomps, contaminations, and additionally the transmission of sicknesses. On the other hand, an unspayed female could get excessively well disposed with a male feline and end up pregnant.

    We should consider the prospects that can happen when letting felines outside to collaborate with different creatures. Regardless of whether fierce or amicable, you may wind up with an undesirable situation for which you were not set up prior to understanding this.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    if they have their yearly vaccinations they should be fine

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