Will this grade affect my college applications?

I'm currently about to fail an elective class called Holocaust and Genocide studies. I haven't been able to do well in the class because I've been super busy with other class, my AP classes, math class, and my English class are very time consuming for me. I have barely turned in any of the work for this marking period. I'm a senior. Is this a big deal for colleges? Will they not accept me because of this? What type of colleges should I apply to if I have an F in this elective class?

Yes, I know I should've applied for college by now. I have been super pre-occupied with other things unfortunately.


@Gypsyfish first of all, I'm not prejudiced, but I haven't been able to get my work done in the class because of all the other assignments I have. My first priority was my main classes. I know its not an excuse, I'm just explaining what might've contributed to not being able to do well in the class. Did I ever say it wasn't my fault? I didn't, don't put words in my mouth. Of course it's my fault. Theres no excuse for failing elective, I understand that.

Update 2:

And also, I'm not trying to get into a great university or anything. I'll probably end up going to a community college first.

Update 3:

My grades were really good through my years of high school. This is the only class I failed. The lowest grade I've ever gotten outside of this was a C. I know it's my fault but many external stresses and lots of assignments in my main classes contributed.

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    Yes. A failing grade will damage your cumulative GPA, which will negatively impact your chances of acceptance at many schools.

    The application deadline for many universities has already passed.  You'd need to find out which schools you're interested in are still accepting applications for fall '21 enrollment.  As with any student, you should work with your guidance counselor to identify schools where your GPA and (if taken) SAT/ACT scores are in line with those of admitted students.  In addition, you need to consider cost and other attributes that are important to you (size, location, distance from home, campus culture, etc.)

    At this point, your best option may be to go to a community college and transfer to a university.

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    Yes, this will affect your applications. ALL high school students take a number of challenging classes. The best applicants for college do well in all of them. It is NOT an excuse that you had other classes. Frankly, this is the WORST class for you to have neglected, because it will signal to colleges that you are prejudiced and will not fit in well. Talk to your teacher. See if there's anything you can do to make up the work. 

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