How much investor money will I need for my new startup idea?

I started feeling sick last night, so I spent several hours on my phone watching my favorite news shows while I was confined to the bathroom. I kept seeing ads for this MyPillow product and it inspired me. I should become an entrepreneur! I lost my job a few months ago, so I have plenty of time to start a new company.

My situation gave me the perfect idea for a product. I will design a device that attaches wheels to any existing toilet! This will revolutionize home office efficiency, and most importantly, my story is relatable to consumers. I will need to find some investors to create a commercial like the MyPillow one. Do you think I should pitch this on Shark Tank? How much will the commercial cost? I'm not too concerned with the cost of the product because I can probably build this with a few bolts and a pair of training wheels.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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