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Four students (Yasuko, Kate, Luke, Michael) are exchanging their opinions about receipt from shops.

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At the end of the conversation, how many of them agree with the digitization of receipts?

Conversation begins from 26:50 of the following recording.

28:06 Luke: Anyway, paper receipt is safer, and more people would rather have them.

28:12 Yasuko: I don't know what to think, Luke. You could request a paper receipt, I guess.

The key sentence is, "I don't know what to think, Luke", I guess.

Does this always mean that she can't decide she should agree or disagree with the digitization of receipts?

Or could this mean she doesn't know which type of receipts is safer nor preferable, but she guesses that you could request a paper receipt?

I thought, then she thinks that there are no serious problems and basically she agrees with the digitization of the receipts. Is this interpretation possible?


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    All of this depends on Yasuko's personality. If a friend of mine says something clearly outdated and no longer true, I might respond with "Well you may be right, but you could always ask for a paper receipt." My meaning would be "You're crazy, but I don't want to argue with you." My guess is that that's what Japanese women would do. So yes, I think she thinks there are no serious problems. 

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