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What did she mean? what did she see?

So I was reading on the couch today and I got cramps because i'm on my period. I get nauseous when I'm on my period so I wasnt' feeling that great but I was trying to distract myself by reading. my roommate was talking on the couch next to me and she goes,

"you don't look so good...are you okay?"

the second before she said that, i felt like I was going to faint and I honestly didn't hear her clearly. I'm just wondering what exactly did she see in my side profile that made her ask me was I okay? To an outside person, it just looked like I was reading so what did she mean by "you don't look so good?" how could she have known I wasn't feeling well by looking at the side of my face?

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    if you felt faint then you were probably pale and/or staring into space or something like that

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    Women who live together are often synched up to the same menstrual cycles.  So, in all honesty she could have been asking because she knows when you are on and she might be feeling just as bad as you do physically.  If she's truly concerned, why are you so bothered by that?  Beyond that, when you feel faint, generally you are NOT looking fine.  

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    You could ask her but people about to faint look kinda greenish pale 

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