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Computer techies: what does this entail "build and implement dynamic end-to-end web applications?" What exactly does/could that mean ?

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    In general, there are 2 ends:  The front end is the user's computer which would need a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera.  That's where HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used.  

    The back end is the website server.  There will usually be a database there, so some version of SQL would usually be used  for that.  Additional processing would commonly be done with PHP, Ruby, Java,, or Python.  

    Frameworks such as django, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, or Flask are used to make development easier.

    Of course, full descriptions would take a whole book.

  • i + i
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    A dynamic web application generates the pages/data 

    in real time based on the request (the client-side will 

    make a request which triggers the generation of the 

    page or data on the server, which enables/causes 

    the client side to take action). The end-to-end aspect 

    is simply saying it is necessary to have the skills to 

    do development at either "end" of this (client side 

    AND server side).

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