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Should I stop having sex with sex-workers? Does having lots of sex with several sex-workers risk of HIV even if I use condom Everytime? ?

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I have very high sex drive, but I can't have girlfriend at this stage of my life, I am focused in my studies and can't give anyone attention which I will have to if I get a girlfriend. I also can't masturbation/porn because it gives me brain fog, it lowers my confidence and it makes me physically and mentally weak, and makes me less energetic and less focused. I can't go without doing something because I become sexually frustrated due to high sex drive. Only option I have is Sex-workers. I have had sex more than 100 times with more than 20 sex workers in last 5 years. But I wear condom everytime 100%, no compromise. I am very much aware of STD and HIV. I never even let her do BJ without condomShould I continue this path or should I stop having sex with them altogether? Some people say being promiscuous leads to HIV, but some people saying wearing a condom protects. I use condom 100%, I never drink. So I am always in my senses. 

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    Condoms are not 100% effective, but they are pretty good when used correctly. They can break or slip off though. You’re probably fine as long as you use condoms every time. Don’t exchange any body fluids other than saliva. But instead of paying for sex, why not just find a FWB or some girl who just wants to hook up. Not everyone is looking for a relationship. I’m a woman and I’ve had lots of guys over the past few years that were just hookups. They come over for sex, then they go home. I just had my friend over this evening. He came to hang out for an hour then he went home. That’s how most people have sex when they don’t want a relationship. Women don’t pay for sex. We just find a hookup. I currently have 2 guys I mess with. One is a friend I’ve been sleeping with for 5 years who I’ve become rather fond of (the guy who was here tonight), and the other is a jerk who I make a point of kicking out as soon as we finish. Men aren’t the only ones who want casual sex with no strings attached. 

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