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Can someone in law enforcement help me to stop worrying about this thing I saw on accident? It's URGENT ?

some of the porn stayed on Tumblr after the ban..being a young adult I watched some sometimes on legal 18+ adult blogs. they seemed okay so I jumped around from similar blogs to find more. well I came across one that seemed okay until I scrolled down and saw a gif of someone who looked like a child having something sexual done to them. I quickly left because I was horrified. I never searched for that or downloaded anything. Another blog had pictures of anime people in NSFW things. This happened 4 months ago. I'm considering ending my life because I feel like even though seeing this was ana accident. It means I'm a criminal who doesn't even deserve to live. 

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    Relax! First of all, you did not download, upload, or pay for any illegal content. You simply saw something that looked questionable on a site with legal images. Second, it likely wasn’t actually child porn. A lot of porn is fake. Photoshop and video editing software can make an adult look like a child. They can take an 18 year old girl and make her look 10. Child porn (the kind with real kids being raped) is generally not just floating around on the internet for anyone to see. It would be too easy to trace the source. That sick stuff is hidden in the dark net ( which I don’t really understand). 

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