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Do you ever accidentally say things you shouldn’t say?

I do this a lot and I don’t know why.  Example: I was at work at a new job I have only worked at for a little over a month.  We were talking about something and politics came up (someone else brought it up).  I made a statement about something I had recently just been in a long convo with a friend outside of work about that was really not a good thing to say at front of my new manager.  As soon as I said it, I knew I shouldn’t have.  It was a controversial topic that did not need to be discussed in a professional setting, but it was the first thing that came to mind, I was really relaxed bc I have grown close with my coworkers and manager pretty quickly, so I wasn’t even thinking and it just came out like word vomit.  I have been so upset with myself all day bc I feel so dumb for allowing myself to say that. I catch myself doing crap like that sometimes. Not thinking before I speak if I’m comfortable with the people I’m talking to. The problem is, by the time my dumb brain realizes my mistake, the damage is already done. Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Advice for NOT doing that? Obviously “think before you speak,” but when I’m around people I feel comfortable with, I somehow always forget that advice until it’s too late.

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    Of course     

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    mh, when i don't really want to talk but i find myself in a dialogue i run this risk, but i've learned to limit myself in this sense. it must also be said that often what we say isn't wrong in itself, but simply the interlocutor is wrong.

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    There are people to share personal and intimate details with. All others keep it social. Nothing personal. But as you said, someone else interjected politics into the workplace. Their bad.

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    Occasionally.  Fortunately, not very often.  It's bad when it is taken the wrong way, not how you meant it at all.

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