How would you define Canon in DC universe ?

In DC comics movies cartoons and TV shows  how would you define which would be Canon, or is every new series a different universe/ Dimension (kinda like the  Spider verse). Adam West Batman would you consider it Canon or would you consider Batman the  Animated Series Canon.

Note if you consider  Batman the animated Ceres as cannon then Batman beyond Terry mcginnis is Bruce Wayne 1st and true legitimate son Where now in the comics in new anime movies Damon Wayne Would be entirely different universe. So in the DC universe  Is there a Canon series or is it all just different universe 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Fans generally treat the main comics as the canon of the DC Universe. 

    All of the shows, games, and films, in addition to some comic stories, are all set in different continuities. 

    Usually, each continuity is given a designation. For example, Batman Beyond is in Earth 12, the 90s Batman films are in Earth 89, and the main comics are set in Prime Earth aka Earth 0.

  • 1 month ago

    The way people describe it is, anything that comes out from the Detective Comic Company is consider canon.

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