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why do people worry so much about a balanced diet for their pet but care little about their own diet?

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    Animals are born sinless but that is not the case with mankind. So in this world some human being are better than others. Some of the human beings that are less than perfect might see a pet that is born sinless (absence of malice) like having more value than their own. So then it makes sense the owner of the pet , in that case might see the welfare of the pet more important as it's own welfare.

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    There are people who don't care much about themselves, so it doesn't matter who is next to them - a husband/wife, a parent, a child, a dog/cat - they start to care about them more neglecting their own needs. As a rule, those people might have low self-esteem.

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    Your premise is faulty. Most people who care enough to give their pet a balanced diet would also care about themselves. Similarly, most people who eat nothing but junk food would also give their pet junk food. Just my observation. I doubt there have been any actual studies on this.

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    It is easy to feed a dog a balanced diet by feeding it a good dog food.  It is harder to get a balanced diet for one's self.  It costs lots of money for a balanced diet for a human.  It is too easy to eat junk food than to fix a decent meal.

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    1 month ago

    Actually, many people lack self-discipline when it comes to their pets.   Take it from someone who works in a veterinary hospital...there are plenty of obese pets.   Some people let their pets get so fat they can barely walk. 

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    Maybe lack of research/education.........most people eat processed junk food and many only eat junk food certainy in 1st world countries as they are seduced by advertising and marketing and it is easy and available. Most people feed their dogs kibble and it is processed in exactly the same way as the junk food they eat but they are told it is balanced, again they are seduced by advertising of things like 'natural' and 'grain free' which doesn't mean the ingredients in it a dog should be eating it or that a dog can tolerate it.. but by adding chemical vits/mins/trace elements they can also claim it is 'balanced'........ who would buy any 'food' for themselves or their dog if the truth about what is REALLY in them was stated on the pack....  no one! ...and no one would feed their dogs kibble if they knew what really went in it and they actually saw the 'ingredients' or the process of how it is made many cases the bags kibble comes in cost more to manufacture than the junk that is inside them

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    a GLITTERY GENERALIZATION  an EMOTIONALLY appealing PHRASE  so closely associated with highly valued concepts and BELIEFS , that it carries CONVICTION   ...WITHOUT  supporting evidence  or REASON .

    .. the question provide NO  supporting evidence  or DATA to accept the   assertion  to BE the CASE

  • Jojo
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    Seeing as we bred and produced the domesticated dog, we have a responsibility to provide them with food and care, as they have no means of surviving without us, unless they are  feral. Some  dog owners feel guilty if they do not buy expensive dog feed for their pet, and many even enjoy indulging their dogs with every luxury. 

    Some owners Are PARANOID and think their dog will suffer if not fed a so called `balanced` diet.

    Dogs have been part of a humans world now for thousands of years and only now in this crazy world it seems they need a `balanced ` diet. 

    For all those years before today, they have been fed scraps, off cuts from the butchers, and all sorts of foodstuff and lived as long if not longer than todays dogs do and even in the 1950`s allergies in dogs and cancer was  very very rare. 

    Now with all the unnecessary fancy ingredient's that is added to dog foodstuff, many dogs suffer with allergies and cancer and live no longer than dogs of yesteryear.

    Dogs thrive on most meat based foodstuff and it is best to keep it simple if possible.

    A good simple kibble will  provide all the nourishment a dog needs and that`s it.  

    NO need to worry ones head unnecessarily about `balanced `diets at all, as all the vitamins and minerals are provided in a good simple brand dog food. JMO.


    Source(s): GSD Owner for 58 years.
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    Because animal are incapable of making those decisions. 

    We have free will and choice. Now pass me those CHEEZIES and be quick about it ! ! ! 

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