Does anyone know any songs about Mackinac Island?

Saw a 10 min travel documentary from 1944 and they had a song about Mackinac island but couldn't find it anywhere. I was curious if anyone knew what this song was or if there were songs about the island. 

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  • Alan
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    1 month ago

    This is documentary you are talking about it. 

    Mackinac Island

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    They sing a song during the opening credit which I have 

    no idea about.  

    One song in the movie  is 

    "It's Lilac Time on Mackinac Island" by Leslie Kirk

    or "When It's Lilac Time on Mackinac Island" by Leslie Kirk 

    Depending on the source  


    composed in 1940 for the movie "This Time for Keeps"   

    starring Esther Williams, Jimmy Durante and Lauritz Melchior

    I could only find the movie on DVD on Amazon. 

    The song again used in a separate video.

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  • 1 month ago

    Type into Google 'songs about Mackinac Island' and right at the top you will see three of them, all fairly recent songs. Couldn't find anything about the 1944 documentary.

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