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Can you dig a hole into earth and build a home?

Or would the earth walls easily collapse?

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    Yes, something like a cave I guess. you can even put like solar tubes to catch some of the rays of the sun. It might be a bit humid but you could install some dehumidifiers. An then depending how deep it is you might not need air conditioners.Are not nuclear  shelters built a bit like that. You might not have a great view on the landscape but in case you could afford it you could install some cameras above ground... 

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    Absolutely. In some countries where there is little to build a house with, they dig out spaces about 4 feet deep and use the dirt to make adobes for the rest of the walls from ground up. They are called 'half dug outs'. I lived in one on the Texas Panhandle for a short when I was a baby. Some houses in that area had whole cellars under an adobe house. The earth walls are quite stable and won't collapse as long as they stays dry.

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    Depends on the location where you want to dig your hole and the type of soil your digging in. There are lots on underground homes around the world.

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    Yes, you can dig a hole and build a home.

    You would need to shore up the walls, depending on the soil it could collapse without support.

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    It depends a bit on the type of soil and local climate, but partially to fully in-ground homes have been around for as long as man has been making homes.

    It can be done, but you do need to shore up the walls somehow.  The bigger problem is water influx, usually.

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    It is possible. It is called a dugout or pit-house or earth lodge (see relevant articles on wiki).

    It was used or still being used by various cultures around the world from prehistoric Europe to Native Americans.

    It is feasible in most soil types. Walls won't collapse but moist could be a problem. This is overcomed if you cover walls and floor with planks and in this case it is possible to have electric lightning inside (electricity and water don't mix). More advanced version is to bury a shipping container or a travel trailer into ground, there are such projects on YouTube.

    Dugouts are used also in wartimes a as a semi-permanent shelters for soldiers and multiple shelters can be connected with trenches for protected communication.

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    if you own the land or are granted the land.

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    The main problems are that digging a big hole isn't quite as easy as you might think, the house won't have a view or natural light, which is physiologically bad and in many places you need measures to stop it filling with water (from below). But it can be done and wall collapse isn't a particular issue as far as I'm aware.

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