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how much is a sheep? and how much is marino wool?

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    A non registered commercially productive productive ewe at two years old is several hundred dollars $275 Canadian. A lamb can cost as little as $80. They need a large grazing area, room to cavort and gambol and do best when with other ewes. Raw unprocessed shearings sells for $1 to $3 a kilogram. Batts mush be well shorn, and free of any pollutants -meaning even one tiny drop of blood from even the tiniest shaving nick renders the batt worthless. 

    If this is a hobby farm idea then two or three ewes are best and you need a small countryside hobby farm. Feeding isn't a problem but handling waste is. Hire a pro shearer once a year and you can process the wool yourself or sell it. A hobby farm can make a good living selling to other hobbyists. There are many willing to pay good money for raw wool for carding, dyeing, spinning,  and knitting or weaving. Some hobby setups are professionally run businesses but since they don't have flocks in the hundreds they are classed as hobby farms. 

    There's lots of information on line about merino sheep, from buying sheep and lambs to setting up your hobby farm. Just go off to google and enter buying and raising merino sheep for wool. You'll also learn why ewes are preferred over rams and why you don't want black sheep.

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