How do this maths question?

Please leave working out if you know the answer, thanks :)

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  • Zac Z
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    1 month ago

    Capt. Matticus is right in calculating the size of the grid. The side of one box is 4 mm wide.

    However, he apparently misread the question. You're asked to work out the distance between M and J, not M and K.

    Which makes the problem a lot easier, of course!   :-)

    The line of symmetry goes through points K and L as you probably realize. So, point M is on the same horizontal line than point J, just below the letter "p" of "five points".

    Since J is 3 boxes to the left from the line of symmetry, point M will therefore be 3 boxes to the right.

    In total, the distance between J and M is 6 boxes, equivalent to 24 mm.

  • First, figure out the size of a grid.  There are 7 boxes between k and l and we're told that they're 28 mm apart.

    28 mm / 7 boxes = 4 mm/boxes

    If you drew a line between k and l, you'd hopefully see how there's a corresponding point for j that is missing.  So, just find the distance from j to k and that'll be the distance from k to m.

    j and k are separated by 2 vertical spaces and 3 horizontal spaces

    4 * sqrt(2^2 + 3^2) =>

    4 * sqrt(4 + 9) =>

    4 * sqrt(13) =>


    14.4222 mm

    14.4 mm

    or 4 * 13^(1/2) mm.

    See which one works.

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