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I recently adopted a stray pregnant cat and ?

The cat had her babies in our house in a closet. She kept them there for 7 days. Now the babies are starting to opentheir eyes. She constantly meowed to me and was very vocal. I tried to find what was wrong but found nothing. After checking her nest area and the babies to see that theyre all okay, I just ignored her meows. After I saw that she began moving each baby one by one to my upstairs room, She left them in fromt of my room closet (im guessing she wishes to make this closet her nest now) Why did she suddenly move areas and What should i do??? This area is not ideal for the cat and her kittens sincec it is cluttered and also I would prefer them downstairs. I have tried moving them back down but the cat seems adamant she keeps bringing them back up no matter what ive tried.

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    She'll put them where she considers is a safe place.  They make their own decisions about this. It may be that upstairs is quieter, it may be that she prefers your room because she trusts you, who knows?  Just be quiet around her and the kittens, move slowly and gently in order not to disturb her.  You could quietly visit her from time to time, speaking softly and reassuringly.  She'll appreciate that, it was probably what the meowing was about, she  wanted your attention and support.   Cats are excellent mothers and you can rely on her to do what she thinks is best.  Make sure she has ready access to litter tray, food and water so she feels it safe to go and use those facilities without going far from the kittens.

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    My cat had 7 in my end table in the living room.  After about 3 weeks she began to move them around and we clashed over her decision till I realized what she was doing.  By taking them into the bed room, she was getting them closer to the litter box and the food and water.  Trust the cats instinct.  She knows what she's doing.

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    Cats will move kittens because they feel they are unsafe, so they move them to stop people picking them up/ touching them, out of the way of a busy area or if there is too much noise..sounds like her meows are 'telling' you to keep away.

    So feed her and going and clean up your clutter, then leave her alone to look after these kittens where she feels safe/secure

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    Simply decide if you are willing to accomodate her. There is a possibility that since you took her in and sheltered her when she needed help that she feels safest where your scent is the strongest-your personal closet.

    That's kind of endearing, really. My rescue kitty likes to sleep on my clothing and on the chair I use most often. That makes me feel important, so it's a win/win except for the cat hair. Haw.

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