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Match the nephron structure with its correct description.

A. ascending loop 

of Henle

B. renal veins

C. proximal 



D. descending 

loop of Henle

E. distal 



F. Bowman’s 


G. collecting duct 


H. glomerulus

1. collects the filtrate from the capillaries of the 


2. area of the nephron impermeable to water 

movement; active transport of Na+ occurs in 

this region

3. reabsorption of nutrients by active transport 

and water by the process of osmosis

4. many nephrons release urine into this large 

pipe-like channel

5.  a structure that returns filtered blood back to 

the body

6. acts as a sieve or a filter

7.maintains pH homeostasis by the active 

transport of H+ ions

8. passive reabsorption of water by osmosis 


1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    "Each nephron contains a network of small blood vessels, called glomerulus, which are enclosed in a sac called Bowman's capsule." 

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