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Was the 70s or 80s Captain America movie any good or the amazing spider-man?

I think the spidey one was made for tv?


Punisher Dolph Lundgren.

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    They were all bad.  In fact, they're mainly famous for BEING bad.  

    70s Cap was a 3.6 on IMDB.  90s Cap was a 3.2.  The first Spider-Man TV movie I couldn't find, but the 2nd was a 5.4 - which is still awful, but less so.  1989 Punisher was a 5.7.  

    But all of these were terrible.  It's failures like these that induced a near bankrupt Marvel to license off their properties, which in turn caused them to only have less popular ones like Iron Man when they finally started trying to make their own films.

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    It was boring. Very boring.

    Amazing Spiderman was awful too but it was more tolerable.

    1st Punisher movie was fun. I like it.

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