Is there a company that makes custom devices? If I have an idea of a gadget that i already programmed can i make an order from a factory?

So for example I have an idea of a cheap phone that i want it to do some very basic things. Can i discuss the product with somebody and start making the specific products in the factory? Lets say for example i have already programmed it in the Arduino environment. 

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    3 weeks ago

    it does not actually work like that, you could try your luck, but the first thing they will ask is why should i invest in you when i can make 1 million bucks on my own? do you have sponsorship with any electronic making companies? if not then why bother unless you have 1 million bucks to back that up? do you have a layout and a team and a good lawyer just in case things go wrong? no? aw heck then in your shoes what you need to do then, is work you way to a 1 million bucks right, because nobody at a university will accept your ads for cheap, then can get hired at google and tesla, why you? put your ad up for electronic specialist, tell em your ideas once they contact you if they do, you need to spend in order to make

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