How to formulate hypothesis on the research topic?

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  • 1 month ago

    1. Research topic on an issue of interest is the poverty level in an economy, what causes poverty level to rise or fall. Thus poverty is a problem in a society whose causes should be researched and poverty level eliminated for a progressive society.

    2. Dependent variables are affected when independent variables change, thus the dependent variable is the level of poverty in a region. The independent variables are level of income, education, equality, opportunities available, level of corruption, climate, level of social security, all these factors determine the level of poverty in a region.

    3. Three objectives should be to determine the exact cause, which independent variable causes the most level of poverty, how to resolve the high level of poverty in a region.

    I would use a survey instrument as a form of questionnaire which could be circulated to the people who are well below the poverty line, thus by focusing on a particular focus group, I would be able to determine the objectives of the survey, regarding what is the level of education, how much do they earn, what caused the family to stay below the poverty line, etc.

    4. Hypothesis of higher the level of corruption, higher the poverty level, a direct relationship between them P = f (C). Thus a causal hypothesis will be effective in assessing the result. Whereas in the form of complex hypothesis, where one considers income, education, opportunities available in this there will be an indirect relationship. Higher the level of opportunities available, lower the level of poverty. P = f (1 / E + I + O)

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