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What is the best denier thickness of opaque tights denier to wear under jeans or trousers in the winter as I find thermal pants too thick?

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    I would say 40 or 60 denier tights should be suffice under normal circumstances, but  when it's cold outside 100 denier should keep your legs warm.

    Would note black opaque tights look good beneath ripped jeans as that is what I am wearing at present.

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    Well it's cold outside tonight I have just walked the dog wearing exposed 60 denier tights with a long skirt and my legs where still warm

    I also have worn tights beneath slacks or jeans and My legs definitely felt warmer compared to knee highs.

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    To stay warm, tights/nylons don’t help.

    Try cuddl duds. Sold in many stores.  They are comfortable under pants.   Wal Mart has a Knock off brand.

    Or,if you need to be outside for a long period of time or often get base layer pants in silk or merino wool.  Silk would be the thinnest. 

    In both men and women’s from LLBEAN

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