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Why did God make people?

Watch the video and see if can help you figure out and please leave some answers below.

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Sorry River plastic is not always a good thing. Had a friend once who said the whole world is plastic & it was wrong.  My child did not have plastic diapers & was hard work but when my child was little they got washed out in the toilet by hand before they got put in the washer.  If you care about the planet you will recycle all you are able to.  Putting most of what is recyclable in one bag & those who are homeless can go sort trash at the dump for food if they think they deserve handouts...

Update 2:

Only use disposable when traveling.

Update 3:

Think of all the dumps that would not be full of plastic waste on earth if more felt this way. 

Update 4:

Lots of what the JW's teach this Catholic Sister is an agreement with. 

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    GOD has a wonderful purpose for humans. He created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, to live in a beautiful garden. His purpose was for them to have children, to make the whole earth a paradise, and to take care of the animals.​—Genesis 1:28; 2:8, 9, 15

    Do you think that we will ever live in a paradise? Jehovah tells us: “I have purposed it, and I will also carry it out.” (Isaiah 46:9-11; 55:11) Yes, he will do what he has purposed, and nothing will stop him. Jehovah says that he created the earth for a reason. He “did not create it simply for nothing.” (Isaiah 45:18) He wants people to live all over the earth. What kind of people does God want to live here, and for how long? The Bible says: “The righteous [or, obedient] will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.”​—Psalm 37:29; Revelation 21:3, 4.

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    God's reason for creating us is self-explanatory.

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    Only use disposable when traveling.

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    (1 John 4:8) "Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love." Everything he does is guided by that quality.

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    I see where you made you first mistake there. You're watching crap.

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    He didn't. Evolution made people.

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    The George Carlin theory of why the Earth made humans was that it needed plastic.

    I assume if 'God' were real, it would be something along those lines.

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    He didn't.  he doesn't exist.

    No need to think about such a ridiculous premise any more.

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    God created all things because it pleased him to do so.

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