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Why did he leave me in his house while he worked?

I’ve been knowing this guy for years and have a sexual relationship more than anything for years and have always stayed at that level & worked for years.

He’s always sneaky or playing games when he legit doesn’t have to since I don’t feel emotionally attracted to him due to unnecessary or childish games he plays lol. He’s a very smart man, and extremely business savvy & successful and he has assisted me with my credit and introduced great business deals like my own vending machine company etc. Here recently, he’s been more attached. For months, I couldn’t know where he lived until he admitted that his ex (his daughter’s mom) lived there and that they broke up. When I got there, it was no furniture and he had an air mattress to sleep on and TVs lol. 

Yesterday he picked me up after I cooked to come to his house. he was aware that I had to work the next morning (I work from home off my laptop that I took with me) the next morning, I was expecting him to take me back home like he always does but he instead asked me to stay there while he does a job on a house and that he’ll “be right back”... around 12noon & he didn’t come back until 7:30-8pm. It’s only odd because of how clutter his house is with no furniture and how odd it is that he wanted me alone in his house for that long. Once he got back, he couldn’t understand why I wanted to go but I can’t grasp what does he get out of having me in his house while he’s gone. 

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