As a college student is it normal for essay writing skills to decline?

I really have no idea what happened. However, once I hit Grad school my essay writing has gone downhill. Part of me feels this is due to being restricted by essay assignments. Because throughout junior college and my undergrad, it seemed I had more freedom when writing. 


Let me make it clear: I am not having issues understanding the content. But I am struggling to apply the content and concepts on paper. 

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    There could be any number of reasons explaining why you have this perception. For one, the material in graduate school is more complex and nuanced than what you dealt with as a college student. It is more of a struggle to master it. Writing well about something requires a certain mastery of the topic. Another aspect is that further education has made you more focused on the writing craft and precise messaging. In other words, you have become more self-critical.

    Have you looked at any of the college essays that you thought were pretty good? You might find that they're not as good as you thought back then. Another approach would be to pick a non-demanding topic and write an essay about it just for practice. For example, what you like or don't like about dogs or cats. 

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