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My 5 year old rocks when talking?

So this definitely started along with covid and virtual school. But anytime he talks to someone he hasn't seen in person in a while, he begins to rock back and forth while talking. And DRAMATICALLY too. In order to continue eye contact with him, i have to turn my head left to right (im usually on the side of him when he has these virtual interactions, etc). Is this normal for the circumstances or should i be concerned about this behavior? Because it's actually very distracting and hard to concentrate on what he's saying. Every other word is "um" and he rocks so hard and wide that whatever he's sitting on rattles and if it's virtual class and he has his wipeboard infront of his laptop, he will put his hands on the wipeboard and rock so hard that it will bang into the computer and move it, etc and it still doesn't seem like he can control it or realize what he's doing. 

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    Take him to see his pediatrician - there will likely be some tests to find a diagnosis.

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