Geology, please help!!?

(Q005) Part 1.b. Today the Atlantic Ocean is about 5,700 km wide at the latitude of Boston. At one time, however, there was no Atlantic Ocean because the east coast of the United States and the northwest coast of Africa were joined in a huge supercontinent. The Atlantic Ocean started to form "only" 185 million years ago, as modern North America split from Africa and the two continents slowly drifted apart in a process called seafloor spreading. Assuming that the rate of seafloor spreading has been constant, at what rate has North America been moving away from Africa? Give your answer in millimeters and kilometers.

 a. 0.0325 mm/yr; 0.0000000325 km/Myr

 b. 0.0325 mm/yr; 0.0325 km/Myr

 c. 30.8 mm/yr; 0.0000308 km/Myr

 d. 30.8 mm/yr; 30.8 km/Myr

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The math  is quite easy,  you have the distance travelled and the time it took.

    Its no different than calculating how fast you drove from one place to another if you travelled x kilometers in y hours.

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