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My hair is naturally dark brown. If I dye my natural hair a really light brown, do you think it would take the color?

I have dyed my hair black forever but I am growing it out. When my hair is completely a virgin, will it be able to become lightened without bleach?

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  • You can lighten your hair with bleach weather it's natural or virgin hair. 

    If you want to go blond from your hair color, you would have to bleach it. Lightening products can turn your hair orange / brassy. 

  • 1 month ago

    Not exactly.  Most people's hair will lighted one, sometimes two shades with one-step hair color like you can buy at a grocery store (think Nice 'N Easy or Preference).  Your hair will not be as light as the color on the box. Most boxed color will have pictures that show you what color your hair will be based on the natural color. 

    To lighten hair several shades or to get an exact shade match, you have to do a two-step process where you first bleach out any color from the hair and then apply the new color.  

  • Audrey
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    1 month ago

    No. You must strip or bleach it first. If you can afford it and salons in your area are open, get it done professionally. Bleaching your own hair can turn into a disaster.

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