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Will the new strains of the Coronavirus lead to a whole new outbreak this spring that will last through 2021 ?

Will we be social isolating like in 2020 all the way until next year? Social distancing is actually social isolation but at the same time it does save lives. 

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  • Audrey
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    4 weeks ago
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    They say the vaccines will work on all the strains. So if they just hurry up with the manufacturing of vaccine, we'll be good to go.

  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    Reg. answer below,   it's NOTHING like the flu.    Covid has so far killed many many more than influenza typically kills each year. 

    Do not listen to the ignorant and ill informed. 

  • Marc
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    4 weeks ago

    Covid is literally the flu. Studies show a morality rate of .01 to .03. Thats exactly like the flu!

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