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2) I have kind of a big chest. 36DD but I don’t have a flat stomach. I’m 14 how can I achieve this? Any routines please


I weigh 126lbs

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    You can use the abdominal machine if you go to the gym... or you can do leg raises, crunches, sit ups, and planks sets of about 13 & 3 reps. Or an easy way out is using a corset, not only will it flatten your tummy but also shape your hips.

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    how about you worry and stress over that after your body is fully finished growing

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Do daily core exercises that especially target your stomach muscles as well as your back muscles to both draw the stomach in as well as improve posture, which likewise draws the stomach in. It's especially important to do back strengthening exercises so that the weight of your chest doesn't cause you to roll your posture and your shoulders forwards because not only does that automatically make your stomach stick out but it also makes your chest look sagging and low. The kinds of core exercises you should do are crunches (central and to both sides), reverse sit-ups where you brace the backs of your feet and ankles against something and the fronts of your thighs against something and then bend forward at the waist into an inverted sitting position and then straighten out (the weight of your upper body being what creates the resistance the exercises your back muscles), reverse flies, rowing (like on a rowing machine, focusing on straightening your back with each row and then tightening your abdominal muscles as you bring the baton in your abdomen), and planking.

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