is dog hair a good thing to put into compost, or to dig into a garden.?


@ Sandy  they aint nesting here yet for a couple of months And when they are theres far better for them to find hanging in the sheep netting around here currently

Update 2:

 Thankyou for your input all the same.

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thx all for your answers

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  • Ben
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    4 weeks ago
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    It can be a little slow to rot down, especially if you put it in in large clumps (you want to spread it out so that the hair mixes well with other things), but hair is a good source of nitrogen (it's made almost entirely of protein, which itself is largely nitrogen), so is generally good to put on the compost heap.

  • Rita
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    1 week ago

    Rather than becoming a pollutant, dog poo can become a nutrient for your garden, by being composted in your backyard. If you have a garden you can make your own compost bin by adding the dog poo to grass clippings, plant or other organic waste, and even sawdust as a source of food for the microbes.

  • Sandy
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    4 weeks ago

    give it to the birds to make their nests.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    We compost human hair. Apparently all mammal hair is rich in nitrogen, which compost piles need lots of.

    You can also use human or pet hair--not too clean, please!--to discourage critters from sampling your garden. I would assume dog fur would scare off rabbits and deer more than human hair, but that's just a guess. I put wads of my hair, pulled from my brush, in mesh bags like some kinds of produce come in, and leave them scattered. It works pretty well until it gets rained on a few times.

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  • 4 weeks ago

     I ask as i have 2 double coated dogs in full malt and therefore plenty of it

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes. Hair is normally slow to decompose, but when put in a compost pile, it decomposes in just a few months. Hair is an often overlooked additive to composting that shouldn't be because it becomes a fantastic source for slow-releasing nitrogen. 

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