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JPP asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

For anyone who has had success on an online dating site (I am on eHarmony) any advice would be greatly appreciated?

I've got a premium account and have filled out all of the details and made a detailed profile (100% completion).

The one thing I can't seem to do though is get a SMS verification since I don't own a cellphone and only have a landline, so I can't get a code via text messaging (Which seems to be the only way).I have detailed photos of myself and I am a pretty good looking person, not exactly Mr. Muscles or anything, but good enough.I also consider myself to be pretty good with words too and for those that have shown interest I have responded to have gotten nothing back.I have also searched for compatible matches and left messages,  but still nothing...I just don't understand what I am doing wrong...

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  • 1 month ago

    I honestly would not recommend any dating sites cause women there are usually shallow and picky. I'll  suggest  you either go for a real women on an app called kik or perhaps a gaming social app or maybe fetish app. You should never trust these dating websites cause they're just a waste of time 

    Source(s): I actually found a gf on kik and had far better success on gaming sites or apps in the past.
  • 1 month ago

    I'm a bit like you in that I'm not tech skilled.  AT&T used to offer a cellphone kit for $15 (then raised it to $50) that focused more on receiving or sending calls (my only skill with cellphones). I'd use their kiosk at the AT&T office to pay $100 for the entire year @ 10 cents per minute for calls---I'd end up with money left over at the end of the year.  I never knew how to do text or twitter or any of the modern stuff nor was I interested in doing it.  Now some of the simplest things online require a cell---and I don't have one.  I tried to use the "Tell it to Rachel" site, but without a cellphone I was not allowed to participate.  

    See if you can find a contact phone number for the eHarmony site, JPP.  Maybe you could recommend that they make adaptations for people like us with landline phones, the ones who are not tech savvy.  There's a bunch of us out here so it would be good for their business if they made reasonable accommodations.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm a woman and have had success.  First of all, if you want to date women you will need a cellphone in today's world. If you end up dating someone, you'll need that to communicate and connect with women quickly and easily.  If you don't have one, women may wonder why and may find it difficult to reach you, or they could think you are stuck in the past.  Not saying that you are!  But it will greatly help.  Next, you have to make your page look interesting to women, with things about you that would make them curious.  Do you have really good photos of yourself, or are they just so-so, or blurry?  I recommend getting a photographer, or anyone you know who knows how to take photos and use filters, interesting backgrounds, etc.  The best way of getting someone's attention is great, clear photos, taken at interesting places or with good backgrounds. You should be smiling and show a sense of humor and show confidence, which will immediately make you likeable on the site.  Last, rather than a plain profile of your likes and dislikes, you should post photos of you doing: skiing, fishing, whatever it is you like to do.  Make yourself look like a fun guy.  Common interests are what will eventually get you to connect with someone. Be patient.  It takes a while before you really start to see responses and more interactions.  Good luck!

  • don't try too hard, if it's meant to happen it will, if not, then it won't.

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  • Robin
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    1 month ago

    Be proactive          

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Many places do not provide full service to those without smartphones like me and you. Their loss.

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