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lots of fresh blood/brown blood mid cycle then lots of fresh blood 3 days before estimated period (but no symptoms)?

I am 19, sexually active, taking birth control pills at the same time every day without skipping (I’ve been in them for 7 months), and my partner uses condoms.... Also to note I have been slightly more into exercising than usual.... My last period ended 18 days ago and the entire period was just brown. For the past 8 days (mid cycle) I have had ALL my period symptoms (cramps,etc.) and brown discharge. I put on pads, and it had hints of fresh blood and like brown clots when I urinate, when I wipe, and on the pad. Today (estimated starting date of next period is in 3 days) I get done exercising (extremely light) and my pad is all red and fresh like it would be on my period...except I have no symptoms of my period coming, where the brown at the mid cycle I did. Occasionally it comes with clots too. Is this a potential pregnancy/issue or is this a disease? Please give your opinions. Thank you so much!

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    have you discussed this with your gynecologist

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