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After someone joins the military when do they get paid?

do they pay you before you go to basic and how much

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    They get paid monthly and it's not much.  About $1600 a month.  Of course they pay your housing and meals too, but if you're looking for a money career, that might not be it. 

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    Once you arrive at initial US military training, basic training, boot camp or whatever you start to earn pay. You are paid the 15th and 30th of every month by direct deposit to a bank account. You are given a small advance pay once you arrive at training to pay for required personal hygiene items. But no, you don't receive any money until you actually enter training.

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    Pay accrues the day you report to initial entry training( basic or boot camp). 

    It takes an average if 6 weeks before you get paid the first time. You get all back pay dating from you arrived to train.

    It is direct deposit only, and 90% of the time you open a bank account when you arrive( Navy Fed and USAA are popular choices). 

    Does any job ever pay you before you start working?  Why would you think the military does?!

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    I think we got a small advance.  You get paid end of the month.

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    i would ask them this question

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    You used to get paid on the last day of the month.  I'm not sure if they changed that to the 1st or not.

    You can also sign up for mid-month pay (half) too.

    No, they don't pay you in advance.  However, you can sign up for "advance pay" that will come out of your next check.

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