Whats happened lately in the prem, we lost to Burnley at Anfield and now Man Utd lost to Sheff United at Old Trafford ?

doesn't anybody want to win the league ? ^_^



If you can't even DRAW at home to Burnley and Sheffield United,  wtf is the point of playing anymore ?

we should surrender the title to City and give them a guard of honor already lol

and Man Utd should entertain the league as they are doing, raising their fans hopes only to cruelly smash them to bits with results like these lol

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Not the first time this season, whenever you guy's drop points, we do too, like 6-1 against Spurs and you guys lose 7-2 to Aston Villa and then what you said.

    That being said, Burnley are complete b*astards to play against, you could dominate them all game, but if you don't put away any chances, they'll sucker punch you and then defend, as if they wouldn't take a draw anyway, I can't stand playing against them, I really hope they go down.

    I can't critique you guys for that loss too much, we haven't beat the b*astards at home for four seasons and lost last time ourselves.

    As for tonight, not enough chances created and apparently poor defending for the second goal for us, but I missed that part and a massive missed opportunity to stay top, despite only being so, due to City playing a game less and only being behind by one point.

    Definitely a shame to lose, especially given we're playing at home to a team who'd only one a single game so far and are f*cking bottom of the league, but it's still only just after half way in the season and I'd be happy if we put in a decent challenge, whilst taking the EL seriously, we have to balance both out.

    Hopefully a good performance AND result against Arsenal, even though we haven't beat them in the league for years, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

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  • well, i don't think anybody wants to lose, and it just shows how unpredictable football particuarly with this EPL is this season,   take note the MOTM from a pundit i have some respect for anyway was Jagielka, so nobody will give an inch, you have to take it, and if you can't you run the risk of getting burned, like i saw to my delight this evening,   btw those were the type of performances which helped get the Blades to the dizzy heights they reached last season,   well done lads

  • Ryan
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    4 weeks ago

    Man City want to win and will easily. They've found a way to play that doesn't even require a striker and have been brilliant at the back. They have the experience of winning titles they'll be hard to stop. Of the other teams we can't take Leicester seriously for the title and Spurs are too inconsistent despite a strong squad and world class manager

  • 4 weeks ago

    Somebody will.  🤷🏾‍♂️😂 But that's the beauty of the Premier League...the minnows some days prove stronger than the sharks.

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