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Why is this woman so evil?

Always calling people ugly and fat and picking out their flaws, very verbally abusive, severe bullying, cyber stalks people, harasses people, makes up lies about people, saves strangers pictures to use against them later, lies a lot and makes up fake stories, targets vulnerable people younger than her, plays the victim. She's 34. This is her on a daily basis. What's wrong with this woman?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There will always be horrible, insecure people in the world. They love the attention. They don't care if it's good or bad attention. Basically anyone who acts like this is miserable in themselves and berating others makes them feel better. 

    Best way to deal with people like this. 

    Ignore then, don't rise to them. If they tell you a 'juicy story' or something crazy about someone else just react like they have told you the most boring story you have ever heard,, react to them by saying things like ''oh really'' ''right'' ''thats interesting'' in the most boring, monotonous voice you can muster while looking out a window or reading something. People like this hate being dismissed. 

    However do not say or do anything that will give people like this ammo. Chances are, if they are in their 30s and still going on like this then other people are well aware they talk nonsense and lie. I would act as boring as possible in order to distance yourself from someone as toxic like this and then run for the hills and never look back.

    She sounds like a damaged, angry insecure woman or a narcissist. Either way, back away slowly, no one needs destructive people like this in their life... and they will always be destructive. What you described is exactly how an old friend and my ex was. They thrive on drama and if they do not have it they create it themselves. They cannot be changed.

    Good luck

  • 4 weeks ago

    Make a record of her behavior for a considerable time.

    Then use this as evidence against her.

    It can involve the police, the people that she works for; what ever.

    But you will need proof.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    That's not what your mother said last night

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