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Why's it with some 'good looking' men...?

If a woman is kind to them, they think it's no other reason than because they're good looking, even if she's kind to everyone else. If women are mean to them, it must be because of all the female attention he's getting because he's good looking ignoring the fact that there could be countless other reasons for example, she's having a bad day, she's not in a good mood, she getting over someone else and therefore doesn't want to interact, she's mean to everyone in general etc.

Especially with the ones that think they're good looking and talk about how women treat them on quora. Then you see their profile photo and most of the time, they're not as good looking as they think. Some even look average. Obviously I'm not saying all good looking men or men who think they're good looking are like that. Some seem quite humble. 

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