What does this mean?

"Don't try to live so wise

don't cry 'cause you're so right

don't dry, with fakes or fears

'cause you will hate yourself in the end"

What's the end in this case? The end of my life? The end of everything? How would I hate myself if I have a whole life ahead of me?


@The working corner

I get that. I don't understand the whole hate myself in the end.

Update 2:

@The working corner I don't understand :0

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  • Mew
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    4 weeks ago
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    We all have an appointment in the end.

    @ Anony

    I don’t understand hating myself, but I do understand hating my life.


    If we try to save our life we will lose it. If we lose our life for the sake of the gospel we will find it :0

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