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Why hair on my other parts of body grow except for my eyebrows after waxing ?

I wax my legs, underarms and they grow back. Underarms grow back in two weeks, private area grows back every week. But why years ago I waxed my eyebrows and it’s not growing back. I prefer my eyebrows to grow back and other parts of my hair to not grow. Why even the hair on my head don’t grow past certain length? The two places that I want hair to grow my head and eyebrows don’t grow fast, I have to wait years for my head hair to grow and my eyebrows after waxing stopped growing in some areas. But why my other parts of the body hair grow fast, the unwanted hair? 

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    i find after years of plucking my eyebrows they wont grow back.

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    Many times eyebrows do not grow back. During the time my mom was a teen, plucked narrow eyebrows were in vogue.  They never did grow back in for her. 

    Many people can’t get there hair to grow past a certain length. Hair does have a growth cycle. 

    Eat healthy, brush your hair daily, shampoo regularly (don’t scrub hard) and message your scalp. All that can help your scalp stay healthy and primate hair growth.  Keep you ends trim so split ends don’t pull out healthy hair

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