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Scenario #1 In the years following the war European countries struggled to rebuild their economies and infrastructure. In June 1947, ?

U.S. State Department officials devised a proposal.

This proposal was

offered to all European countries however, Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union rejected

the offer citing "dollar enslavement."

The plan ended up providing Western Europe

with economic aid which helped them to rebuild and prosper. From 1947-1951 the U.S. gave over 12

billion dollars in economic and technical assistance as part of this aid. As a result, the communist appeal

began to decline in Western Europe.

1. Which plan or action will you use? (Containment (Truman Doctrine). Division of Berlin,

Berlin Airlift, NATO)

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2. How are you going to use this certain plan or action? (Answer in 2-3 sentences)

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