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Why do I get random moments of feeling a loss of reality?

Basically, at random times... nothing feels real. I remembered having this feeling when I was a kid and I was at the pool.

There’s nothing that triggers this either. It just happens.

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    There is a disorder called derealization. People complain of a disturbing sense that they are dreaming while they know they're awake. It can be a symptom of anxiety or depression, but it's not necessarily tied with a mood disorder. If you're interested, I have info about treatments for mood disorders in my recent answers, and you can click on my name and read. There's a simple thing that can help with derealization - grounding. I'll give you some examples of grounding exercises.

    Eat a handful of raisins or nuts very slowly, appreciating every piece, taking a long time to finish them, being aware of your slow breathing.

    Wash and dry the dishes very carefully, focusing on what you're doing, the feelings in your hands and the sound of the water.

    Examine objects. Pick up a a few objects, name them, feel them and carefully inspect them.

    Count things.

    Breathing slowly though your nose, be aware of bodily sensations - the air passing through your nostrils, the feeling of your clothing on your skin, the pressure of the floor on the soles of your feet. Look around at the room, aware of the present moment, the here and now.

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    I have these moments too.

    I think it may be dissociation or depression, or emotional burnout.

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    4 weeks ago

    when you hear , ork calling earth , come in earth ..

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    What is real?  Some people think that reality is in own imagination.

    If you died, how do you know that you were ever born?

    Scientists look at this on a regular basis, particularly physicists; see stuff about quantum mechanic (for layperson).  Do be warned though, it can be very disturbing for some people to understand quantum mechanics!

    Your not gonna ever get the answers to this.  It is pointless worrying about this.

    As far as every day life is concerned; this is very real; that is all that matters.

    It is not something to worry about, as your life is no different, whether it is real or not.

    A cookie tastes like a cookie, the sky still looks blue either way; you still have to go to work, and you still have to do the other things.  So from a practical sense, it is real!

    Please consider if you are suffering from a condition called derealization as well....


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    Wow. This really surprises me... I had those moments too. I recall standing at my window and in like a blink of an eye reality slipped away. Do you think several people felt that but no one talks about it? Thanks for bringing it up, then I'm not the only one.

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