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What should I do?

hello, like it says i have a best friend, he is the most important friend that I have, I been knowing him for three years, and we have been through a lot, at first i did not see him as a potential partner and we continue that way, i got into an open relationship with his brother for almost a year, but now we are done, and we barley talk to each other, the things is from september 2020 i been feeling some.kind of way towards my best friend, i started to feel like i was too attached and i could let him go, we used to be very close, we used to hold hands, sittin in his lap, giving him kisses on the cheek, until we sleep together on november, it happened in december, and i was feelin happy, complete and overwhelmed, I.decide to tell him that i.was feeling that way, now we are not close as before and im worried, you.guys think I should stop.showing him that him, or.should i.try if he will give a chance?

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