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Why am I getting very few matches with no response on all dating apps? ?

I did everything that includes good photos, a good bio, I wore red in a photo, wore a suit and looked nice/professional in all my photos, posed with my dog, no selfies, even photofeeler ranked me decent not over the top but over average... What am I doing wrong??? 

I can't seem to match and when I do the lady never responds, Its funny because I used to be able to get dates and set them up but within the last year I've only had a total of three dates...... : ( 

I'm nice and tall... 

I can't really go out and meet women due to the Coronavirus and I work with mainly men and married women... 


Emily I would have to send you the links through messenger on Facebook. Unfortunately I don't go on or signed up for Twitter. 

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    Hi there, if you like I can help with your profile. My twitter is attached and send me message there to help. Sorry if this sounds creepy lol. I think it has to do with your pictures and what kind of profile you're putting out there. Peace ^.^

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    Maybe because you're not providing any selfies or your fashion choice might not be to their liking. But don't worry! If you would like to find the one who is truly the best match for you, it takes time, so the best thing to do for now is wait some more or try switching things around like changing your bio?

    I'm not sure what shade of red your clothes are in the photo, but if it's too bright then you should maybe try changing it to a more darker red colour. If you still aren't getting any responses, you can maybe change your professional look to a more casual one, maybe that can make everything seem a bit less formal. Just some recommendations lol.

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