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How did so many Americans get brainwashed by the Black Lives Matter cult in 2020-present?

BLM dates back before 2020 of course, but it reemerged and took over the entire USA. Americans were literally kissing the ground and bowing to any random black people on the street. It spread to other countries also. 

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    Most people just believe whatever the mainstream narrative is being pushed by the elites.  It could be Victorian society, classical liberalism, American exceptionalism, etc., such as in the past, but nowadays it is cultural Marxism and the never-ending victimhood narrative whatever.  The current elite are ultra-liberal and in an echo-chamber.  Jack Dorsey thinks normal people care about misgendering.

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    Why of course,,, that would explain why none of the contestants on Jeopardy last night knew who Dave Chappelle is,,, I mean it's not like he's famous or anything.

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    I get what you're saying and I agree kind of. All of it was the result of the racism we've always had in our country. Maybe white people in general are brainwashed. You don't have to kiss black a** but denying that racism exists is just wrong. 

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    Well - perhaps if cops were actually held accountable for their misconduct!  And I have seen a LOT of it myself (not just on blacks, but they do seem to be the ones literally getting killed over it) - and YES I have reported it, WITH proof - STILL nothing done - so it's a HUGE problem!

    And at this point - I say NOTHING is likely to change unless and until someone NOT involved with general law-enforcement investigates accused cops! NOT "internal affairs" - they are also cops so may, and I'm sure do - help cover-ups a lot!

    Also you need to open the door to cops getting sued (including by inmates) even if no criminal charges filed against them.

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