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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsHeart Diseases · 3 months ago

Is my heart rate normal?

I am a 21 year old female and have been having heart palpitations for the past month or so. My EKG and ECG came back normal, and I’m still waiting for the 2 week heart monitor results to come back. When I lie down, my FitBit often says my heart rate is in the low 50’s or even the high 40’s. Although I’m young, I’m not athletic by any means. When my heart rate gets this low, I get very anxious and sometimes can’t fall asleep because of this. It’s probably irrational, but I just fear my heart is going to stop beating altogether one day. Can a low heart rate like this be normal for someone who isn’t athletic, or do you think it is caused by whatever is causing my palpitations? Thank you.

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    3 months ago

    High 40’s is too low unless you are an extreme athlete. 60-80 is ideal range but 55-100 is acceptable/healthy range. I’m 52/female but have had 50-65 range heartbeat my entire life and I’m no athlete. Have had many tests over years and always given the all clear. Get yourself a checkup with your family doctor soon and let them know about the low heart rate/occasional palpitations. They will best be able to tell you if it’s normal for you as they know you and your health better than us on the platform. One thing that seemed to help raise my rate and prevent palpitations was being 100% sure that I was hydrated...water, juice or sports drink..60-80 ounces a day. They heart and it’s rate and activity and highly sensitive to even mild dehydration leading to heart irritability. Try it while you wait for your check up. You might be surprised that this stops the issue in a day or two. I understand your fear that it’s just gonna stop beating while you sleep cuz it’s so low, but barring any underlying health problems, it will continue to beat all night so try not to work yourself up at bedtime. That only causes stress hormones to be released which can cause more palpitations and will definitely keep you from falling asleep. Good luck.

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